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icon functions industrial machine for the fruit


colorful fruit icon apple pear kiwi peach lemon
front view of the peeling-coring-cutting machine model PL8, PL6, PL4, PL2 contoured
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stainless steel

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for food

Production capacity80 fruits/min.60 fruits/min.40 fruits/min.20 fruits/min.
Machine dimensions
(width x length x height)
1500x1900xH2000 mm
(59x75xH79 in)
1500x1500xH2000 mm
(59x59xH79 in)
1500x1140xH2000 mm
(59x45xH79 in)
1500x780xH2000 mm
(59x31xH79 in)
Installed power2,4 kW2,4 kW2,4 kW1,5 kW
Pneumatic air supply6 bar - 50 l/min6 bar - 30 l/min6 bar - 30 l/min6 bar - 20 l/min
Water supply2 l/min1,5 l/min1 l/min0,5 l/min
Weight1500 kg (3300 lb)1200 kg (2645 lb)1000 kg (2205 lb)800 kg (1764 lb)
Fruit sizeØ 60 - 110 mm
(2.36 - 4.33 in)
Ø 60 - 110 mm
(2.36 - 4.33 in)
Ø 60 - 110 mm
(2.36 - 4.33 in)
Ø 60 - 110 mm
(2.36 - 4.33 in)
Peel thickness1 - 3 mm
(0.04 - 0.12 in)
1 - 3 mm
(0.04 - 0.12 in)
1 - 3 mm
(0.04 - 0.12 in)
1 - 3 mm
(0.04 - 0.12 in)
Employee operator2111

The semi-automatic peeling, coring and cutting machine* for apples, pears, kiwi fruits and peaches is available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 stations. The best-selling product from the PND group allows you to reach a level of production that varies from 20 to 80 fruits per minute, depending on the needs and the model chosen.
The fruit, loaded manually or with an automatic loader**, is brought to and mechanically inserted into the coring tube. Here the fruit is turned and peeled at an adjustable speed.
In the final peeling and coring operation, the fruit passes through an optional cutting system, which specifically allows it to be cut into wedges or cubes.

The constant evolution of the PND systems has made it possible to make the PL8/6/4/2 a versatile machine for different and specific qualities such as the Bramley apple (irregularly shaped) or the Asian “nashi” pear.

It is equipped with:
• protection panels in stainless steel
• centralized manual lubrication system
• easily interchangeable components
*The cutting mode is not available for model PL2.
** The ideal complement for the line is the automatic feeder for apples or pears

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