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coring cutter for citrus fruit model OS12
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Production capacity30 - 40 fruits/ min
Wedges4 - 8
Core TubeØ 14 - 16 mm
Machine dimensions (width x length x height)   1285x1000xH2000 mm
(50.6x40xH79 in)
Installed power0,46 kW
Pneumatic air supply6 bar - 105,5 l/min
Fruit sizeØ 60-110 mm
(2.36-4.33 in)
Weight400 Kg (882 lb)
Employee operator1

The wedging and coring machine OS12 for citrus has been designed to core and slice oranges into segments. The structure consists of a rotating plate with 8 workstations for fruit. Above the plate, on the opposite side to the loading side, we find the mechanisms for the two operations. The first mechanism moves up/down by means of a pneumatic piston and allows rotation of the coring tube by means of a three-phase electric motor.
The core tubes are interchangeable.
The second mechanism always moves up/down by means of a pneumatic piston and is equipped with pads that push the fruits through the die-cutters, allowing them to be cut into wedges. The plate rotates at regular intervals and at the speed chosen by the customer; when the plate stops, the three work operations take
place at the same time: the operator loads the fruit and the two mechanisms perform the coring and cutting operations. The OS12 machine consists of welded tubes, on wheels (with brakes) to allow easy movement. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel electrical panel with PLC and inverter for the synchronization of operations.

• High cutting quality
• Very robust machine structure
• Compact size
• Simple and fast maintenance of the machine
• Easy sanitation
• Electrical panel built according to EEC/IP 65 standards
• Option: self-locking rotating wheels

It is equipped with: 2 Slides for the product and for the waste.

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