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front view of the coring-rondellatrice model DRR
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Production capacity30 - 35 fruits/ min
Machine dimensions (width x length x height)1100x800xH2200 mm
(43,30x31,40xH86,60 in)
Loading height dimensions length x width1100 mm
(43,30 in)
Installed power1 kW
Water consumption2 l/min
Weight500 Kg (1102 lb)
Air consumption8 bar 100 l/min
Fruit sizeØ 50-100 mm
Possible coringØ 20-25 mm
Possible thickness3-8 mm
Employee operator1

The machine is able to core and cut apple and peach in slices/rings.
The structure consists of welded tubular frame and is on wheels (with brake) for easy movement. If desired, adjustable feet may be used in place of the wheels. The machine consists of various synchronized mechanisms. The first consists of a rotating plate with 8 work stations for the fruit that moves in intervals. This allows the operator time to load the fruit two at a time. The second mechanism consists of a structure that moves up and down by means of a pneumatic piston and which allows the rotation of the two coring tubes by an electric motor. The coring tubes are interchangeable depending on the requirements. Another mechanism which moves up/down by means of a pneumatic piston, is equipped with plungers that push the fruits through the membranes, allowing them to pass on special steel shafts which support the fruit. The last step is that of the round cutter, located below the rotating plate. The fruit is gravity fed down the shaft and comes into contact with the blades of the turntable cutting the fruit into slices and rings. When the plate stops, the three work operations take place at the same time: the operator loads the fruit
and the two mechanisms perform the coring and cutting operations. The machine also features easy speed adjustment.

The machine is equipped with:
• Slide for waste in stainless steel;
• Elevator belt for cut product.

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