PREP-WASH model pre-wash tank
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stainless steel

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for food

Tank dimensions (width x length)900x4100 mm
(35,40x161,40 in)
Installed power3 kW
Loading height960 mm (37,70 in)
Dip time range2 - 4 min
Water capacity prewashing tank about1400 l
Water capacity Recirculating tank about300 l
Capacity1000 kg/h in 2 min

The PREP-WASH prewash tank is a specific tool for washing fresh fruits. In the first part of the tank, a stream of water pushes the fruit onto a modular flighted conveyor belt that allows the fruits (including non-non-floating fruits) to be treated in water. The product is moved by the bubbling motion. The prewash tank is equipped with a recirculation pump and a filtering system for water. It is also possible to adjust the conveyor belt speed. It is also designed for easy post-process sanitization thanks to the openings on both sides of the tank and the easily removable side rails.

Optional extras:
• Double filter
• Sprinkler system on outfeed lifting belt
• Blower system on outfeed lifting belt
• Complete system of conductivity and dosage control

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